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Royal Kitchen Fine Chinese Cuisine offers authentic and delicious dishes from both North and South China. At the core of Royal Kitchen's true heritage lies four decades of experience and a dedication to traditional Chinese food culture. The result is a unique dining experience, from Royal Kitchen's signature Beijing Roast Duck to chef-recommended specials,from chashao Bao to XiaoLong bao,Hong Shao (braised) collection of dishes. We offer a full featured tea bar incorporating tea culture into your dining experience rounding out our lively and unique beverage selection.Royal Kitchen fine Chinese cuisine rolls combines superb
cuisine and innovative tea culture into an immersive one-of-a-kind experience. Our sense of hospitality will make you feel charmed and at home. Welcome to Royal Kitchen,we are happy to have you with us.

Our Value

Integrity and sincerity, core of our company values
Integrity is the key to success and our commitment to our employees and customers. Together, we build relationships with customers and colleagues through sincerity, and provide customers with first-class quality products and services. We pay attention to every work process and detail from the kitchen to the table and insist on maintaining the necessary transparency and integrity of our management.

Care, and more care
Care about the needs of customers and colleagues, let us open our hearts to welcome every customer and make our customers and colleagues feel at home. It is only with the support of our customers, colleagues, and communities that we can continue to do what we love. Caring for every single guest and employee will always be our priority, this pushes us to concentrate our thoughts and attention on every detail of food production and restaurant management.

Real, considerate
People see good food as a gift from heaven. Delicious food warms us, comforts us, and promotes understanding and communication that transcends language barriers. We will try our best to bring the most authentic Chinese imperial cuisine to our customers. Our carefully curated ingredients ensures our food is safe, healthy, and reliable. It all comes together as the ingredients are crafted into delicious dishes by our head chef with over forty years of professional experience.

Inheritance and innovation
Though we have inherited traditional food skills we also continue to innovate and improve. In order to explore the vast world of culinary cultural skills and to be at the forefront of the Chinese cuisine industry, we ensure that every season we offer newly developed culinary dishes utilizing fresh seasonal ingredients. We will listen carefully to our customer's opinion in order to improve our skills and services. Craftsman spirit, continuous improvement The production of our current traditional gastronomic dishes is a sign of the maturity of our team and a guarantee of quality cuisine. We will continue to improve and perfect our culinary craftsmanship, create unique and delicious dishes, constantly improving and innovating wherever possible to build our collection of gourmet dishes. With our unremitting craftsmanship ethic, our customers can always expect a delicious and eye-opening dining experience.

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